Via Vasco de Gama,58
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)

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Zetapelli was founded in 1981 in Bassano del Grappa as a general partnership company  (Zetapelli snc). Its main feature has been the brokerage activity in the field of finished hides which has been complemented by its wholesale trade activity of similar products for the manufacturing companies. In 1992 it changed into Zetapelli srl  (a limited liability company) and in 1994 it moved its activity which had in the meantime become exclusively of a commercial-productive nature – to three parts of a group of buildings in the new business centre in Bassano del Grappa, on a total surface of  2700 sqm., at Via Vasco de Gama , where its registered office is now located. At  present the company’s capital is of 364,000.00 euro. 

The company relies on the cooperation of 9 employees. Zetapelli turns to the domestic market fo 80% of its sales and the remaining 20% to the foreign market.

We are able to supply  customized materials according  to our customers’ specifications. To meet our customers’ needs we carefully follow, step by step, the preparation of the samples – to be sure we obtain the required article – and take care, in our own laboratory,  of relevant tests according to the final use of our products.

The peculiar features that made possible for Zetapelli to establish itself as a reference supplier to its customers have always been:

  - rapid fulfilment of the order
customized products
  - additional services.


P.Iva: 01320810243 - R.E.A. VI-162325 - cap.soc. 110.000,00€ i.v.